Monday, May 12, 2008

I am Uteressa, from the realm of Vulvacular

So. I am a gamer. And I happen to be born with a set of genitals that confers the female status. Some people would call me a girl gamer. I mean, yes I'm a gamer, and yes I'm female, but why does there have to be two categories: gamer, and girl gamer? Nevermind the fact that I haven't been a girl for nearly a decade; I think I can very safely call myself a woman.

Gaming is an interesting beast for female gamers, especially those of us who enjoy MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). The first time I publicly admitted to being a female while playing WOW (in my n00b days), the conversation went something like this:

General Chat - Some Player: There aren't many girl gamers. I'm a girl and I'm like the only one.
General Chat - Me: You aren't! I'm a girl (well I'm over 18 so a woman) and I know other women who game. There's lots of females on WOW.
Private Chat - Some Player: I'm glad to see other girl gamers! Would you like to chat?
...wait 10 seconds...
Private Chat - Some Player: I mean like sexy?
Me (offline): Headdesk

I've seen players who publicly (online) identify as female get harassed as being not as good players (even though it wasn't true), have rape jokes about them told online, or get hit on. After a few experiences as such, I became much more reserved about grouping with other toons (characters) who I didn't know.

I tend to be very protective of my identity now...the only people who know are my guild members. I never go on general voice chat. I just want to play, dammit.

But some female players revel in Just today, I ran across a toon named Fallopia and another named Ovaree. Now, I don't see male toons named Vas Deferentia or Testicuole, and I wonder, why would you want to name your character after your reproductive organs? That's a little too...girly? For me. If you want to "come out" as female online, go ahead, more power to you, but naming yourself after your reproductive organs? Hm. Maybe I'm just too private (heh I heart bad puns) or maybe I'm just not the "I am woman hear my uterus roar worship the earth mother goddess wombs rock!" type of person.

To each their own I guess.


Gerbil said...

I just freaking laughed so hard I had to roll a saving throw against humor damage, rolled a natural 01 and damn near choked to death on my own guffaws. brava.

Too bad i don't play well with others (and i have the worst computer ever) or i'd be all over warcrack.

But the general reaction to Chicks What Game is exactly why I don't bother with multiplayer games.

That Chick Over There said...

When I play games with my son? My character is always "Diseased Ovarian Girl".

She is me. I am her.

Tamar said...

My guild's reaction to my 'coming out' as a girl via my mike:

'We got a real girl?!'

Seventy female avatars in that guild. I was the only female player.

Speaking of character names though - there was a guy on my server called Harrysac. Does that count?!

queenrandom said...

My guild has TWO female players!

There's one guild member who keeps forgetting I'm female, so whenever I join chat he's like "who is that?"