Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why I Love Being Short

I'm short. 5'3", to be exact, although I was 5'2" from about 7th grade until midway through college. A lot of the time I get bogged down and grumpy about all the negative sides of being short - things I can't do, clothes I can't wear, shitty things people do and say (folks, my head is NOT an armrest, and I DO have plenty of reasons to live, tyvm), etc etc. Today I decided to think about the positives of my height:
  • I always have an excuse to get someone else to change lightbulbs.
  • I don't fall as far when I trip.
  • My feet will never hang off the end of a bed.
  • I can sleep as comfortably on most couches as if they were a bed (well..a lumpy bed. With cushions).
  • My height wouldn't cause difficulties for me when traveling in prettymuch any foreign country (although my legs are still too long to sit comfortably in most airplanes - I think they are designed for toddlers).
  • I generally don't have to look out for low-hanging branches when out and about.
  • When we hug, my head rests comfortably on LB's chest and I can listen to his heart.
  • I will never hit my head on a doorframe unless I am wildly uncoordinated.
  • I can sit comfortably in most adult-sized chairs.
  • I can sit and drive comfortably in most cars.
  • At my height, I'm actually TALLER than the world average.
  • I have a lower cancer and heart disease risk than my tall peers and am less likely to die in a car crash.
  • I can experience and react to the world faster than tall people thanks to temporal binding.


Unknown said...

At 5'1 I'd also like to add that we get to be "small" which is just undeniably cute.
Rabbit Write

Dionne said...

I have never thought of these things. I'm not a short person, but I was always jealous of shorter girls because no matter what, they would look cute and petite around whoever they were dating. But thankfully I married a guy that was taller than me - phew!

Anonymous said...

I'm 5 ft 2 and although i'd appreciate a few more inches, being short isn't all that bad. I think the clothes thing is going to be the biggest problem especially when I get older. But for now I can still shop in the Juniors section and get away with it


Sessa said...

The best thing about being short
(5'2" *cough*) is that I can sleep on most any couch, cot, chair, chaise, bed, box, any other object used to sleep on, and be comfortable.

I love this post!