Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blizzard Blog '09

First things first: Flikr is being a douche (or maybe it's user error but hey I don't feel bad hatin on a conglomeration of code so I absolve myself of responsibility :P) so the album link is here, sorry I can't link individual pics today.

Here's our own personal snow gauge. Our deck furniture doesn't get much wind, so the snow accumulates nicely on it. How many inches does that look like? I think it's over a foot.

A few more pictures to show how deep the snow was:

Toyota Corolla with snowdrift (yes, I know the corolla has like zero clearance and is teeny but still, that's high for snowfall!)

SUV in front of our street, before plowing and shoveling (kinda emphasizes how short the Corolla is, doesn't it?).

Guess where the canoe is?
And of course, no blizzard would be complete without a big black dog romping in the snow:

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