Thursday, May 13, 2010

Permanent Spousal Record: Recent Conversations

The Inexplicable
LB: "I should have figured you'd be into kyaking; lesbians love kyaking."*

The Dastardly
Setting: QR is diligently, distractedly writing a manuscript on the couch whilst LB watches a hockey game.
LB:  "Can I have your Cookie Dough Ice Cream in the freezer?"
QR: "Yeah sure whatever....." commence 10 second pause while I tippity-type away... "Wait...What?  NO!"

We Love Each Other, I Swear
In response to me sending him this ecard:

He sent me this one:

Would that it were not so true.

*Said completely without a sense of irony.  I'm glad my husband is comfortable enough with my sexuality to make seminonsensical jokes about it.

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