Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fashion trends I cannot endorse

I work at a primarily undergraduate institution, which affords me great fashion ideas.  There are, however, some trends I cannot understand.

I have been seeing low-volume ankle-height, flat, tan leather oxfords, people.  And not ones with wing-tips or patterns.  No.  I am seeing shoes on 20 year olds that remind me precipitously of shoes I once sold, orthopedic shoes targeted at, shall we say, twilight women.

Shown below are the Frye shoes I've been seeing and, for comparison, the SAS - yes that's right, San Antonio Shoes - that I am familiar with.  If you can't tell the difference I won't tell you.

No.  Just, no.

(However if anyone wants to buy me these in 6.5, I would love you forever)

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