Thursday, October 30, 2008

20 Ways of Coming Out as Bisexual

I am not often known for my extreme timeliness, but this post is in honor of National Coming Out Week, which was 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Yeah I rock.

But anyway in honor of NCOW, here it is, 20 ways to come out as a bisexual:
  1. I like both guys and gals.
  2. I'm AC/DC.
  3. My socket accepts both male and female connectors.
  4. I don't limit my love to a single gender.
  5. My attraction and love for a person do not rely on genital appearance (excluding warts and lesions).
  6. Sometimes I like Earl Grey, sometimes I like Lady Grey.
  7. I root for both teams.
  8. I find both long johns and doughnuts equally tasty.
  9. I like both roosters and kitties (think about it).
  10. Angelina or Brad? Yes, please.
  11. I fancy both Martians and Venusians.
  12. I can't "just pick a side." To do so would be to deny half of who I am.
  13. Sometimes I feel like a nut; sometimes I don't.
  14. I enjoy situating myself between the yin and the yang.
  15. On the Kinsey scale, I fall between 0 and 6.
  16. I love the person, not the gender.
  17. At breakfast, I can eat either saussage or muffins.
  18. My extracurricular activities include both pole vaulting and ditch diving.
  19. Innies and Outies are both appealing to me.
  20. I can love a person of either gender, but I love that person just as much and am just as faithful and loyal to them regardless of their gender.

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Gerbil said...

#6 and #13 made me laugh so hard I almost peed.