Friday, December 12, 2008

Ladies' Man

The town our store is in, because it is like the retirement capitol of the world, has a lot of old people. So a huge chunk of our clientele is old people with foot issues, who may or may not have their faculties intact.

So I was working the store yesterday with LB, and this 800 year old woman comes in with her daughter and granddaughter. She needs special shoes for her foot issues, so LB helped her since he’s kind of an expert in that stuff. They find a pair of shoes for her, but one of them needs to be stretched. While LB is helping her, she’s asking him all sorts of personal questions…like “oh where do you live?” and, “what time do you get off work?”

LB went to stretch the shoe, and while he was gone, she asked her granddaughter something that I couldn’t hear, and the granddaughter says “Well I don’t know, ask her, she’s right there.” I walk up and say “Is there something you’d like to ask me?” “Yeah, who ARE you?” Granddaughter laughs and clarifies that she would like to know my relation to LB, and I said, yes, we’re married.

LB came back and I rung up her shoes and some socks she was also getting. As her daughter was paying, she turns to me and says “What’s your name?” “QueenRandom” “How old are you?” “Twenty-seven.” “Oh! Oh well OK” I think she was surprised by my age; I think she thought I was quite a bit younger. She then looks at my husband, who is in the back of the store and can’t hear us, and exclaims, “I’ll take him!”

LB: Charming the pants off of old ladies since 1980.

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